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We offer a unique opportunity for anyone who likes to communicate and help others make money while being rewarded for their efforts.

In real estate in order for you to receive a commission you have to be a real estate agent or the owner of the property you are selling.

With manufactured homes we are not selling real estate. Therefore anyone can receive a commission or referral fee for the sale of a manufactured unit.

This offer is not available to any existing or future clients who have been referred to us by an outside contracted sales company as they are already the referring entity and we do not double pay referral fees. 


If this investment opportunity is right for someone you know, show them this website. Talk to them about the returns and close them on the idea of investing in manufactured homes.

Put them in contact with us. We will finalize the sale and you will receive a $2,000 finders fee for bringing us the new client.

Payments are made on every unit purchased and as the client buys more units in the future you continue to get a finders fee for each additional unit purchased.

Payments are made to you same day funds clear our bank account.

This is a great way to make some really good income for yourself and help those you know who have money sitting around that is not performing as well as it should.

To get started contact me today!